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A little about American Motif

Based in Tangier, Morocco, American Motif is a consultancy company that focuses on marketing and business development for businesses that are looking to grow.

Our clients enjoy:
Clear communication with our team in both Arabic and/or English
High quality, timeliness, integrity, and values that they would expect to receive when working with an American company.
Business and marketing that drives results – More simplified: They will see results in their business.

Our Business and Marketing Consultants

Remon - American Motif


Business & Marketing Consultant, American Motif Founder

Offers our clients 10+ years of leadership and management experience in various industries as well as six years of experience in architecture and engineering design and management. Our clients can expect to receive his expertise in various businesses seeking assistance in business or marketing.


Marketing Communication Consultant, American Motif Founder

Offers our clients her 5+ years in marketing, communication and advertising. From developing copyright to all things digital marketing, our clients can benefit from her extensive knowledge in the marketing field.

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