Lisa Samuel

Marketing Communication Consultant, American Motif Founder Offers our clients her extensive experience in marketing, communication and advertising. From developing copyright to all things digital marketing, our clients can benefit from her extensive knowledge in the marketing field.

Starting a business in Morocco

Starting a business in Morocco has many benefits. Investing in Morocco is beneficial to the economy and providing employment opportunities for locals is needed in a country with a high demand for jobs. But what does starting a business actually entail? This is not a “how to start a business in Morocco step, by step” …

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Practical advice for moving to Morocco

Advice for foreigners moving to Morocco written by a foreigner living in Morocco. Moving anywhere has its challenges. Moving overseas is a whole other story. Fortunately, before moving to Morocco in August 2019 with my husband, I’d spent a semester abroad in Rabat. This gave me kind of an idea of what to expect, but …

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